Who are we?

We are Customized, a Philippines-based company specializing in dye sublimation printing. Our printing technology offers the highest level of flexibility in printing, enabling the creation of unique, customized designs for sportswear, uniforms, and all other forms of apparel.

Be it solid colors, graduated colors, sports logos, team numbers or individual names, dye sublimation enables you to print whatever you want, however you want, directly onto the fabric.

The entire process begins with a design. Work with our team of designers to make the perfect design for your team jersey or uniform.

What is dye sublimation printing?

The sublimation printing process starts when we print your design onto special transfer paper using a printer loaded with sublimation inks. White fabric is laid on top of the print and then placed into a heat press where high heat is applied to it. The dye sublimation ink immediately transforms into gas, permeating the fabric. Once cooled down, the ink will be fully fused into the fabric, making it permanent and therefore unaffected by washing or ironing. The printed fabric is then taken to our sewing facility where a team of sewers will cut out the fabric pieces, then sew them together to form the final product.

Why choose us?

Look to us if you’re in search of a company to manufacture your team jerseys, uniforms, and shirts. We control 100% of the manufacturing process, meaning from designing your items to sewing the final product, it’s all done inside our factory. Give us a try and see why Customized is a step above the rest!