Men’s Button-Up Shirt

Chest Width
Measure from the bottom of one armpit of the shirt straight across to the bottom of the other armpit.

Body Length
Measure from the top of the shoulder down to the point where the shirt ends.

Size Guide 1

XS19 ¼"27 ½"
S20 ¼"28 ½"
M21 ½"29 ½"
L22 ¾"30 ½"
XL24 ¼"31 ½"
2XL25 ¾"32"

Men’s Button-Up Shirt

The button-up shirt, also known as a Hawaiian Shirt, are short-sleeved, collared, and loose-fitting shirts. They have buttons that go up the entire length of the shirt and a pocket on the chest.

Product Features
• Loose Fit
• 100% Polyester
• Men sizes from XS-4XL

Printing Method
 • Dye Sublimation

Minimum Order Quantity
 • Minimum 10 pieces

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