Rash Guard Philippines

The customized rash guard, now available from Customized Philippines

Do you dream of making your own custom rash guard?  We manufacture rash guards at our factory in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines.  We help you through the entire process of making your rash guard.  From your initial design concept, we will create a rash guard mockup for you to approve.  After approval and payment, we’ll send your rash guard design to production.

Sublimation Printing

We print sublimation rash guards, the best quality for vibrant colors and detailed graphics.  Our fabric is Polyester Spandex material, lightweight fabric that is sweat wicking and allows for easy movement.

Sample Rash Guards

Want to see some of our sample rash guards?  We put together a video showcasing some of our rashguards, as well as the manufacturing process from start to finish.  Enjoy the video below!


If you’re ready to order your own customized rash guard, head over to our Rash Guard Page and contact us with your order.  You can also view more information on the website Rashguards.ph.